Nabilah Egyptian Arabian Bloodstock

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The following horses are available for sale/lease:


We have decided to make a few of our proven brood mares available to other breeders, in foal to our stallions, for sale or lease.  The current foals of these mares can be viewed on our foal page.

Nabilah Surita (Shari Silic Pasha x Gulilah Saraqa). 3 years old.  This mare is bred out one of our best producing mares, Saraqa.  She is very pretty with correct conformation.  She is a Pasha foal and a line breeding to Nabilah AK Bint Bashaar.  The Pasha foals excel at endurance.

Gulilah Sabaha (Mahib x Sraab).  13 years old. This is a strong, tall mare with very powerful movement.  The Sraab-Mahib bloodlines excel at endurance.

Nabilah Valentina (Marzoukh  x Nabilah bint Mahib). 3 years old.  This is a very pretty mare with strong and correct conformation and excellent movement. She is also out of the Sraab bloodline. This mare has been provisionaly booked for lease by Danie Weilbach.

Gulilah Rayahin (Mahib  x Rechar Rayyanah). Rayahin breeds very well with Marzoukh and has produced two very pretty fillies from Marzoukh.  Rayahin has a wonderful temperament, is schooled and can be ridden by children/novice riders.  Photo available on the Gallery page.

Nabilah Bint Mahib (view her pedigree here and her photo here)
Bint Mahib is one of only a few Mahib daughters in the country. She is a very noble mare, has exceptional movement and is very dry and refined.  She has bred an exquisite filly from Marzoukh, Valentina (view here).  Bint Mahib is line bred to Mahib and is in foal from Marzoukh.
  Bint Mahib has been leased to Gerhard Smith for the 2012/13 breeding season.

Young Colts for sale:

Nabilah Faleh (gelding) (Nabilah Saqarah x Nabilah Faware) 3 years old. Faleh is going to be a tall horse bred out of the Nafis bloodlines. His dam is a Nabilah bint Saklabilah line breeding.  He is correctly conformed with a long neck good shoulder and good general conformation. He also has good legs and hooves. He is very pretty and moves well. R 20 000

Nabilah Festus (Marzoukh (imp) x Nabilah Fantasia) 2 year old colt bred out of Marzoukh and Nabilah Fantasia. Fantasia is our most valuable mare, she is bred out of Nabilah bint Saklabilah who did not have any Nazeer blood and her bloodline goes back to the original imports Nabila and Baraka. Festus has exceptional movement and correct conformation. He is already close to 15 hands. His sire, Marzoukh, is a world class stallion. He was placed second in his class at the Egyptian event in Kentucky. The half brother of Festus is currently a herd sire at a well known endurance horse breeder.
R 50 000.

Nabilah Sabtah (Nabilah Saqarah x Gulilah Sabaha) 1 years old.  This colt will be tall and a good endurance horse as he is line bred to Sraab. The Sraab line exels at endurance.  Saqarah is close to 16 hands and Sabaha is 15 hands plus. R20 000

Nabilah Ishijah (Marzoukh (imp) x Nabilah Farrasha) 2 year old colt bred out of Marzoukh and Nabilah Fantasia.Farasha is a Fantasia daughter and comes from one of our most valuable dam lines. This colt has lots of type and good movement. He has a lovely eye and head.  R 20 000

More information available on request.
Nabilah Festus
Nabilah Festus
Nabilah Festus
Nabilah Festus
Nabilah Fantasia x Maroukh (imp)